The BOLI Group specializes in benefits expense management using single premium life insurance (BOLI and COLI) for financial institutions. We custom design and implement BOLI / COLI plans for banks and insurance companies to meet the overall objectives of the financial institution. There are many forms of bank-owned and corporate-owned life insurance. Our extensive network of carriers covers the range of general account, separate account and hybrid product types. During the pre-purchase analysis phase, The BOLI Group will work with the financial institution to determine which product type works best to meet the needs of the bank or insurance company.


Bank Owned Life Insurance or Corporate Owned Life Insurance is an alternative asset strategy for financial institutions. The BOLI / COLI is purchased to create an independent source of revenue to match / offset current and future employee benefit expenses. The institution is the owner, premium payor and beneficiary of the policies.


  • Efficient funding and cost recovery of long-term employee benefits
  • Immediate accretion to earnings…
  • BOLI / COLI can be used to enhance executive benefits
  • Matching of long-term liabilities with a long-term insurance asset
  • IRC Section 101(j) legislation provides clear guidance…..
  • Cash value grows tax-deferred and the death benefits are received tax-free.