About Us

The BOLI Group offers leading, professional insurance consulting services for financial institutions

We are The BOLI Group

President and CEO, George V. Blaha, formed The BOLI Group in 2007 after accumulating over 20 years of experience in executive and director benefit planning, specializing in the insurance company and bank owned life insurance (COLI and BOLI) markets. The BOLI Group has grown over time to include creative professionals with a track record of doing what is best for their clients. Today, The BOLI Group includes experts with significant knowledge of the market, including market segments, peers, intra company dynamics, benefit considerations, product options (including their historical evolution), and the regulatory environment.

The BOLI Group specializes in benefits expense management and single premium life insurance (BOLI and COLI) for financial institutions. We provide consultation that incorporates peer market data, benchmarking, and financial analysis. At implementation, we provide guidance that includes comprehensive pre-purchase assessment that tests the eligibility and risks for every plan implemented (including calculating liabilities, preparing financial models, and assisting in board review, plus OCC testing for banking entities). The BOLI Group ensures compliance with all regulatory and reporting requirements.


The BOLI Group utilizes the most competitive COLI and BOLI products available through a stable of companies to generate customized programs best suited to a company’s overall objectives. We offer turn-key implementation designed to reduce “bandwidth strain”, a direct contact for product matters, and are the plan liaison for service.

The BOLI Group is independent and is not beholden to shareholders, we offer a multi-generational leadership team that always does what is in the best interest of our clients. We are compliant with the State of New York Department of Financial Service’s (DFS) cybersecurity regulation (23 NYCRR 500), and treat confidential information as if it were our own.

The Leadership Team